Bulletproof gates (FB1, FB2, FB3, FB4, FB5, FB6, FB7, FSG)

NGR Technologie is a manufacturer of bulletproof, single- and multi-curtain rolling gates, made in classes FB1, FB2, FB3, FB4, FB5, FB6, FB7, FSG.

Classification and requirements for testing with handguns and rifles in accordance with EN 1522

Class Weapon type Caliber Test conditions
Shooting distance [m] Bullet speed [m/s]
FB1 rifle 22LR 10 +/- 0.5 360 +/- 10
FB2 handgun Luger 9 mm 5 +/- 0.5 400 +/- 10
FB3 Magnum .357 430 +/- 10
FB4 Magnum .357
.44 Remington Magnum
440 +/- 10
FB5 rifle 5.56 x 45 950 +/- 10
FB6 5.56 x 45 10 +/- 0.5 830 +/- 10
7.62 x 51
FB7 7.62 x 51 820 +/- 10

Bullet resistance to gunfire from smoothbore weapons in accordance with EN 1522



Test conditions


Bullet mass [g] Bullet speed [m/s]

Shooting distance [m]

Hunting weapon

Shotgun slug




Steel bulletproof rolling gates are visually similar to typical industrial rolling gates, however, they have a different construction of curtains – the curtains of these gates are made of multilayer steel lamellas with a ballistic insert, which is usually filled with silicon granulate. Such a design allows to effectively stop the penetrating projectile by absorbing and dispersing its kinetic energy.

Bulletproof gates are each time designed on an individual order, taking into account the specific requirements for a given project, both in terms of bulletproof parameters, the wall structure in which they are to be installed and the conditions of installation for a particular opening. The opening itself must be prepared in accordance with NGR Technologie guidelines, which are delivered to the customer in good time at the gate design stage.

Curtains of bulletproof gates are galvanized as standard. Due to their weight (over 65 kg/m²) and due to their susceptibility to abrasion during gate operation, varnishing is not recommended, however, on request, the curtain can be produced in any color according to the RAL Classic palette, as well as in a color matching the Client’s design.

There are no dimensional limitations, the only limitation is the load-bearing capacity of the structure in which the gate is to be installed.

Bulletproof gates, due to the specific design of the sill strip and the way of preparing the floor, in which the strip is hidden when closing, are not normally equipped with safety edge contact strips, but only photocells protecting the passage light. Optionally, however, they can be equipped with safety strips of special design as well as additional signaling and protection systems, e.g. light grids, safety passage light, signaling lights, sirens, etc. Bulletproof gates are always driven by electric geared motors and can be operated manually or fully automatically, we adjust the control method according to customer requirements and needs, from the simplest Totmann systems to the most advanced remote and automatic control systems and using any access control system.