MEC series fire resistant sliding gates

Horizontal sliding gates: single and double-leaf as well as telescopic gates, also in version with wicket doors.

Lightweight gates (from 25 to 36 kg/m2), with stone wool filling, galvanized steel sheathing, painted on both sides in RAL 7035, closed by gravity, made in classes from EI 60 to EI 240.

Certificate: 0370-CPR-3940
Construction type: Horizontal, single-leaf, double-leaf, telescopic sliding gate and versions with doors for EI 60 and EI 120
Class resistance: EI 60 / EI 120 / EI 180 / EI240
Weight: from 25 kg/m² to 36 kg/m²
Gate maximum dimensions*: EI 60
Leaf maximum dimensions*: 5 640 x 4 945
EI 120
Leaf maximum dimensions*: 5 360 x 4 025
EI 180 and EI 240
Total maximum dimensions: 4 500 x 4 500, area up to 13.5 m2
Closing speed: Limited to 20 cm/s

*Larger dimensions available on request.

The standard design of the MEC series gates includes:

  • Gates with fire resistance EI 60, EI 90, EI 120, EI 180, EI 240 made of sandwich panels with stone wool filling of density up to 175 kg/m3 with lining of steel sheet with a thickness of 0.6 – 0.8 mm, coated in RAL 7035 as a standard (other colors on request),
  • The sheet metal galvanized shell handles are placed on both sides,
  • Panels on the perimeter covered with galvanized steel profiles,
  • The gate is sealed with a galvanized steel labyrinth seal system with expanding seals,
  • The gate is guided overhead on a stable galvanized guide, fixed to the lintel using a system of consoles which are widely adjustable in two planes (gate without any elements remaining in the light when the gate is opened),
  • The gate opens manually and closes automatically thanks to a counterweight system when the door holder is released, keeping it in the open position,
  • 24V fused or electromagnetic holder, optional viscous controller limiting the closing speed to a maximum of 0.2 m/s,
  • The stop is covered with galvanized steel sheet. The gate can be connected to the building’s master fire system.

Additional options available for sliding gates:

  • Wicket door, also equipped with antipanic hardware,
  • Electric drive supporting gate opening – recommended for large size gates,
  • Stainless steel hardware,
  • Fire warning equipment, i.e. smoke detectors, sound and visual alarms, alarm button, relay panel.