AKE120 E 120 rolling fire curtains and EW 60 / EW 90 curtains

Ultra-light curtains with a weight of 1 kg/m2 in E 120 class. Grey color, close to RAL 7024. Opened by electric drive, closed by gravity.

CE certificate: 1812-CPR-1578 – E 120
0370-CPR-3957 – EW 60/90
Construction type: Rolling
Class resistance: E 120 / EW 60 / EW 90
Maximum dimensions*: 7 500 x 4 527 mm
Closing speed: approx. 12 cm/s
Weight: approx. 1 kg/m2

*Larger dimensions available on request.

  • Ultra-light rolling fire curtain,
  • The curtain made of grey fiberglass fabric with silicone coating in grey similar to RAL 7024, reinforced with high-grade stainless steel,
  • On the edges, it is secured against tearing out of the guide rails,
  • Visible elements made of galvanized steel, the other are primed with anti-corrosion paint,
  • Drum enclosed in a galvanized steel sheet cassette,
  • Electric drive with control unit with potential-free contacts “curtain fully open”, “curtain closed”, “alarm” allowing monitoring of the curtain status; the control unit allows the curtain to be connected to any master SAP system allowing for cooperation with other fire protection elements,
  • Opening speed: approx. 8 – 12 cm/s,
  • Emergency closing speed: approx. 12 cm/s,
  • 1 alarm switch behind a glass (ROP release button),
  • A battery unit keeping the curtain in an open position in case of mains voltage loss,
  • Alarm siren (approx. 100 dB), active when the curtain closes in alarm mode,
  • A set of optical smoke detectors in the number and arrangement appropriate to the width of the curtain and lintel height.