We were the first company in the world to obtain a certificate and introduce an ultra-light, flexible rolling fire gates in EI 120/90/60/30 class.

We have an extensive sales network throughout Europe, providing technical support, assembly and service.

Our product is completely Polish.
Behind the idea, research and production process  there are high-class Polish engineers and specialists.


EF Polska came to existance on April 12 2002 as Effertz Polska the main shareholder of which was Effertz Tore GmbH with 52% of shares. Initially the company was the main distributor of Effertz Tore GmbH for the Polish market. In 2006 the company developed their own N series sliding fire gates which became a big commercial success in Poland and soon abroad as well.

As the main objectives of partners became divergent on August 17 2010 a new stage in the company’s structure was initiated. Mr Norbert Gańczarek-Rał , then a minority shareholder, took over the shares of the German head partner and the company became one with 100% Polish capital. Then in 2010 a dynamic expansion of EF Polska to foreign markets bagan. In 2011 a German branch, NGR Tore GmbH, was established with 100% Polish capital. Ever since the German market has been one of the most important to EF Polska.

Today, after 18 years since its beginning, the company stays focused on modern fire-proofing solutions and both domestic and international expansion.


As a responsible company, EF Polska is actively involved in the development of society and support for non-governmental organizations.

Besides gates, our passion is motorsport. We take an active part in the development of the career of Polish Champion in motor racing – Anna Gańczarek-Rał.

Murem za Owsiakiem (Backing up Owsiak) – or a few words about WOŚP (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity).

We support Polish chefs in the preparation of a charitable Christmas Eve dinner for the lonely residents of Retirement Homes.