Steel rolling fire gates

Rolling gates made of single-layer steel profiles with cross-section of 128 x 17.55 mm made in class E 180.

CE certificate: 0370-CPR-3958
Construction type: Steel rolling
Class resistance: E 180
Weight: Curtain weight 15.5 kg/m2
Maximum dimensions*: E 180: 2 975 x 2 800
Closing speed: Closing speed up to 0.2 m/s; speed of opening with electric engine above 10 cm/s

*Larger dimensions available on request.

The standard design of the Vulcano rolling gates includes:

  • Gate with E 180 resistance made of single-layer cold-rolled steel profiles of 0.8 mm thick sheet metal, hinged together over the entire length,
  • CThe total thickness is 17.55 mm,
  • Side guides and shaft housing made of galvanized steel,
  • Gate lifted by an electric tubular motor,
  • The gate is sealed over its circumference with a galvanized steel labyrinth seal system with expanding seals.

Optionally, the gate can be equipped with:

  • Fire warning equipment, i.e. smoke detectors, sound and visual alarms, alarm button, relay panel.