Gates to Faraday cages


NGR Technologie has in its offer gates protecting against electromagnetic radiation, used mainly in high-voltage laboratories or Faraday cages. Their principle of operation is mainly the reflection and partial absorption of electromagnetic energy in a specific frequency spectrum. Appropriate closure of the input opening is essential for effective EMC or microwave testing, without the influence of external electromagnetic interference.

Gates of this type are each time selected in terms of their type and designed individually, taking into account the specific requirements of a given project and installation conditions for a particular opening.

Offered door types with electromagnetic shielding function:

  • full and perforated rolling gates,
  • full and perforated segmented,
  • full and perforated sliding, horizontal and vertical,
  • steel rolling strip curtains.

Depending on the customer’s needs, we offer two options of door installation / fixing:

  • Gates completely isolated from the steel structure of the building,
    • 20kV
    • 30kV
    • up to 60kV
  • Gates fixed to a steel structure with perfect conduction around the entire door perimeter.

All doors, regardless of type, can be optionally equipped with additional signaling and safety systems, i.e. safety edge contact strips, photocells or light grids, safety passage lights, signal lights, sirens, etc.

The doors can be controlled according to the guidelines and needs of the customer, from the simplest Totmann systems to the most advanced remote and automatic control systems and with any access control system.

During the project, upon request, the customer can receive a 3D drawing of the gate in order to review the details of the gate installation and its functioning.

In the production of gates with electromagnetic shielding function we use only materials and components from the world’s leading manufacturers in this field. This ensures that the gate functions as intended and maintains constant performance parameters for a long time.

A professionally trained technical department guarantees the timely completion of the project with all required parameters and provides assistance at every stage of the project as well as following its completion.

Flexible lead times and constant supervision of the project will ensure full control over the adopted solutions and deliveries.

All products have a 2-year warranty with the possibility of extension subject to regular service.