AKE120 Harmony Type Closed

Foldable elastic, vertical fire barrier of AKE120 Harmony Type Closed, made in E 120 class.

Fire barier characteristics:

  • Internal foldable elastic, vertically closing fire barrier of AKE120 Harmony Type Closed, made in E 120 class, dedicated to separate with its own Surface only a closed space in case of fire,
  • Leaf of the barrier made of glass fibre in silver-grey polyurethane coating, vertically operating (opened/closed), harmony type folded  – when completely opened hidden in a ceiling assembled casing,
  • Barrier can be manufactured as single-, double- or multi-modular. When multi-modular moduls connected on edges along full height thanks to a proper arrangement and/or sewing of the edges,
  • Based on the requirement moduls can be perpendiculat to each other or set under any desired angle, moduls set a closed circuit which results in separating a tight and secure partition in the fire area,
  • Bottom bar of the barrier, assembled onto the lower edge of the leaf, made of a 300 mm element,
  • The barrier is lifted by means of a synchronized system of shafts, winding rollers and strings fastened to the bottom bar, wound on the winding drums placed in the upper part of the barrier during lifting; in the case of multi-module curtains, all modules are mechanically coupled to each other
  • Barrier opened with an electric fire drive with torque and power adapted to its dimensions and weight,
  • Barrier opening speed: approx. 8 – 15 cm/s,
  • Emergency closing speed: up to approx. 20 cm/s.

AKE120 Harmony type barriers can be optionally equipped with signaling and warning devices in accordance with the requirements of the Purchaser (smoke detectors, temperature detectors, optical and sound signallers, manual call points/break glass buttons, button cassettes, etc.) and with additional opening light protection devices during closing (edges protection while closing, photocells, etc.).