Flexible rolling AK fire gates

(AK60, AK90, AK120, AK30-1, AK60-1, AK120-1)

This product did let us win a gold medal at the Poznań International Trade Fair

Ultra-light gates (from 2.5 to 12 kg/m2) in single-leaf EI 30/60/120 and double-leaf EI 60/90/120. Multi-layer leaf with ceramic wool filling. Grey in colour on the outer layer. Opened by electric drive, closed by gravity.

CE certificate: 1812-CPR-1696 (AK30-1 and AK60-1) – single-leaf gates
1812-CPR-1577 (AK60/90 and AK120) – double-leaf gates
Construction type: Rolling / Self-supporting
Class resistance: EI 30/60 (type AK30-1 i AK60-1)
EI 60/90 (type AK60)
EI 120 (type AK120)
Weight: from 2.5 kg/m² (AK60/90)
up to 12 kg/m² (AK120-1)
Maximum dimensions*: (W) 8 000 x (H) 18 000 mm (AK60/90)
9 740 x 10 000 mm (AK120)
9 170 x 6 050 mm (AK30-1 i AK60-1)

*Larger dimensions available on request

  • The AK60/90 and AK120 two-apron flexible rolling fire gates and AK30-1, AK60-1 and AK120-1 single-apron rolling gates are designed to be used as closures of openings in vertical building partitions,
  • The fire resistance classes of the gates are defined in the CE Certificates issued by the French institute EFECTIS,
  • Two flexible curtains on two shafts for AK60/90 and AK120 versions (aprons/leaves wound simultaneously) and one flexible curtain on one shaft for AK30-1 and AK60-1 versions. Aprons made in the membrane technology from a special fabric coated in a gray color similar to RAL 7024. The basic fabric ensures fire tightness and the inner layers ensure proper insulation. Aprons have side protection against tearing out of the guides,
  • Shafts enclosed in a fire protection cassette. Dimensional details in installation conditions,
  • Visible elements made of galvanized steel, invisible primed with anti-corrosion paint,
  • Electric drive with control unit with potential-free contacts “gate fully open”, “gate closed”, “alarm” allowing monitoring of the gate status; the control unit allows the gate to be connected to any master SAP system allowing for cooperation with other fire protection elements,
  • Opening speed: approx. 8 – 12 cm/s,
  • Emergency closing speed: approx. 12 cm/s,
  • Alarm switch behind a glass (ROP release button),
  • A battery unit keeping the gate in an open position in case of mains voltage loss,
  • A set of optical smoke detectors in a quantity appropriate to the passage width of the gate and installation conditions.